Experience Matters.

Founded By Industry Leader Kris Roglieri, Known For Revolutionizing and Modernizing The Commercial Finance Industry.

“The only conference that brings the Modern Commercial Loan and Real Estate Broker together with innovative funding sources.”

Experience the only conference where commercial loan brokers and lenders converge over three days to gain valuable profitable relationships. Last year there was over $53 Million in term sheets generated by the lenders that sponsored.

Attending is an opportunity to meet the top lenders and service providers that cater to the brokerage community. These brokers are responsible for over $5 billion in small business and commercial financing each year.

This year there are at least 900 commercial loan brokers expected to attend.
We are the nation’s only conference that brings together commercial lenders and commercial loan brokers. These professional loan brokers are responsible for over a billion dollars in funding. 2019’s event had over 900 brokers that attended and this year’s attendance is expected to bring many more.

The NACLB was created to serve the growing industry of commercial loan and mortgage brokers. It is dedicated to serving the commercial loan and mortgage broker community and the banks and lenders who rely on brokers for deal flow. The NACLB aims to educate the industry’s professionals on best practices and the ever-changing landscape in the commercial finance industry.

Because of the changing landscape within the small business and commercial loan marketplace and with the entrance of new lenders and loan products, the NACLB serves to facilitate education, networking and advocacy for the commercial loan and mortgage broker.