Our annual NACLB 2022 Conference is right around the corner! Every year, our NACLB attendees are given the exciting opportunity to nominate themselves or fellow brokers, who they believe are absolutely killing it in the industry, for many different awards. In order to nominate and or be nominated for these awards you must be registered for our conference. The broker awards that are up for nominations include:

Broker Of The Year

The Broker Of The Year award is given to the broker who has funded the most transactions in 2021 to present. This individual must also continue to demonstrate outstanding ethical business practices throughout his/her career. Llast year’s winner, Kimmy Humphrey with Capital Atlantic Solutions, successfully closed a $100,000,000 dollar deal in Atlanta and built a pipeline with over $3 billion dollars into a large multi-international corporation.

Rookie Of The Year

The Rookie Of The Year award is given to the broker who has successfully demonstrated the highest growth within their first year of loan brokerage from 2021 to present. This broker must have started their business in 2020 or 2021 to be considered. Last year’s winner, John Forrey with JHF Capital, LLC, started his business in January 2021 and was able to close 6 loans and another PPP Referral with flying colors during the global pandemic.

Largest Deal Closed

The Largest Deal Closed award will be given to the broker who has closed the largest single loan or funding transaction in 2020 or 2021 to present. The loan transaction can include any commercial or small business loan or funding type. Last year’s winner, Shane Brandt with Aspen Commercial Lending, closed the largest solar farm deal with total funding averaging at $671 million.

Most Creative Deal

The Most Creative Deal award will be given to the broker who was able to structure and close the most creative transaction during 2020 or 2021. The loan transaction can include any commercial or small business loan or funding type.

Best Broker Program

The Best Broker Program is designed for a lender you feel is easy to work with, a great partner, and someone who constantly treats you right. If you come across an individual that you  feel fits all these traits, we’d love to hear about them! Submit their company name and a description of why you feel they exemplify traits for the best broker. Our winner last year was North Avenue Capital. The number one USDA Lender in 2020! The NAC team is composed of savvy investors, experienced bankers, and creative marketers. They operate in a unified front, working in tandem to offer their customers true partnership from start to finish.

We highly encourage all the attendees of the NACLB 2022 Conference to participate in nominating individuals for these outstanding accompaniments. Not only is this a great opportunity for our attendees to get to know each other better, it also adds some friendly competition into the mix!

Do you have a few brokers in mind to nominate? Click here to submit them today!