Things are heating up for the largest commercial loan broker conference in the country and we are pleased to announce our keynote speaker, Robert O’Neill.

O’Neill is a  New York Times Best Selling Author – Former SEAL Team Six Leader and the man who fired the fatal shot to Osama bin Laden and who wrote Never Quit: The Story of a Life Built on Successful Missions.

Rob O’Neill served America as a Navy SEAL, team leader, and senior chief petty officer with the Naval Special Development Group (SEAL Team Six) during several of the most challenging, storied, and clandestine military operations of our time. With this speech, O’Neill shares what he learned during his more than 400 combat missions across four theaters of war. Through his moving and emotional stories, Rob brings to life lessons learned during some of the country’s most headline-stealing conflicts.

O’Neill explains to audiences how the military’s “best of the best” approach strategic planning when mission failure is not an option. Audiences come to appreciate the people who are asked to do the hardest jobs – the warriors, husbands and wives, and family men and women – who they know exist but have never met, and who are focused solely on making their missions successful. Join one of the legends of our nation’s military as he shares his views on the ingredients to a successful mission: the right people, preparedness, decision making under pressure, and, above all, a commitment to never quit.