Being a new broker can be a difficult role to conquer. Now add in a pandemic, social distancing, and transitioning much of our lives to an entirely digital platform — that makes it ten times harder. As we approach a post-pandemic society, it’s time you focus on the most important thing a broker can have – connection. 

Why Is Connection “Key”? 

Client connection may be one of the most important parts of a sales cycle. Why? The majority of our world revolves around connection. It’s the root of friendships, relationships, business partnerships, and much more. Without connection, businesses would not be formed, relationships would not exist, families would not grow. Connection is one of the most important skills for brokers to master — here’s why. 

Connection = Trust

As a new broker, earning the trust of your clients can be hard. Earn that trust through caring about more than just the deal on the table. Get to know more about your clients — where did they come from? Do they have a family? What is their passion? Whether the conversation leads to an immediate yes, maybe, or no — you’ll be remembered for caring about the client and their business goals, NOT just the money at the end of the deal.

Customers Want A Great Experience

No one wants to go to a restaurant with less than stellar service — so why would they want to work with a subpar broker? Let’s face it, no connections equals no sale. Forming a relationship with your clients helps ensure you’ll be a part of major business decisions for the long term. It also increases your chances of being referred to other businesses and friends of your client. Caring about your client and forming a relationship with them can go a long way – we promise.

Connecting with your clients can be as easy as sharing contact information, inviting them to coffee, or connecting via LinkedIn. All in all, prove to your clients that you’re in it for the long run. Follow up frequently to check in on their business endeavors and successes — and watch the benefits of the relationship overflow.

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