Though it may seem like forever away, the 2019 NACLB conference is creeping up on us more quickly than we know. Of course, we too are excited about the cocktail party, the poker event, and soaking up the Nevada sun by the pool, but what we’re also excited about are the infinite networking possibilities that lie within the walls of the Westin Lake Las Vegas Resort & Spa. Utilize these five tips when networking with other commercial loan brokers and lenders to expand your network, learn from others, and grow your business.

Listen First

It may seem like a “no brainer,” but you would be surprised how much you can learn when you choose to listen before speaking. Not only will you learn about the other person, their experience, and what they offer, but you may also learn about ways you can become a referral partner with that person, and where your skill set could complement theirs.

Utilize The App

The app that we have provided for you includes many simple, useful ways to network. When you sign up, you will learn all the different features, a favorite being that if you and someone you meet shake your mobile device in a “handshaking motion,” and you will automatically be connected on the NACLB app, allowing you to learn about the other person and connect further.

Connect On Linkedin

Connecting on Linkedin creates the opportunity for your connections to not only look you up after the conference, to send a message or book an appointment, but it also allows for your connections to see your “online resume,” and any praise or endorsements that you’ve received from your network. These elements of social proof hold tremendous value when trying to build a referral network.

Look For A Reason To Follow Up

While networking, it is important to be intentional about identifying a reason to follow up later on. When building a referral network, following up with someone who you spoke to previously can be an effective tool for creating a relationship that has the potential to be mutually beneficial in the future.

Have A “Givers Mentality”

Thinking of ways to give before receiving when networking with others in your space will always end in a positive result. Instead of thinking about how someone else can benefit you, consider leading the conversation with the idea that you are only looking to support the other person. Not only does this create goodwill and help you develop a positive reputation as a finance professional, but it also gives you an opportunity to establish a lasting business relationship.