This year’s National Alliance of Commercial Loan Brokers Conference and Expo is right around the corner. This is slated to be a record-breaking event, so for lenders and brokers, new and returning attendees, we wanted to provide some tips on how to get the most out of NACLB 2021.

1. Take advantage of networking opportunities

There will be numerous networking opportunities throughout NACLB. For lenders, this is a chance to show off their products, and meet brokers who have inroads into niche markets and clients for whom those products would be a perfect fit. For brokers, this is not a time to be shy. NACLB is the perfect environment to put yourself in front of lenders to build those crucial relationships that will help you boost your revenue and close more deals.

2. Breakout sessions will help you position yourself for bigger earnings

The breakout sessions held throughout NACLB help attendees put information into practice. Breakout sessions provide strategies for everything from matching lending products to the needs of clients to closing a deal, to overcoming obstacles and difficult situations with clients for you can get to “Yes.”

3. Panel discussions and presentations will inform your strategy moving forward

The panel discussions and presentations at NACLB will give attendees an insider’s perspective on the commercial finance industry, and which solutions borrowers need the most. Additionally, attendees will learn about market trends and changes on the horizon, how they will impact the commercial lending space, and how lenders and brokers alike can form new strategies and approaches to successfully meet the challenges ahead – and embrace the new trends to boost revenue.

4. The NACLB app will enhance your experience

The official NACLB app will help attendees keep track of important presentations and networking opportunities, but it also helps lenders and brokers identify and gather essential contact information about the people they meet, so they can develop strong relationships after the conference. The NACLB app is available for both iOS and Android devices.

5. Balance networking and learning with fun

There is an absolute wealth of information and networking opportunities at NACLB, but we are also here to have fun. From the door prizes to our awards, and everyone’s favorite – our annual poker tournament, there are plenty of chances to cut loose and have some fun. Plus, one of the reasons we hold NACLB is all of the great food, sights, shows, and experiences that Caesars and the whole city have to offer.

So get ready to get the most out of NACLB 2021. Spots are filling up fast, so sign up now!

To make sure your registration is complete so you can take advantage of everything NACLB has to offer, reach out to us at