Behind the scenes, our NACLB team is more excited and prepared than we’ve ever been for this year’s conference. 

After a year of virtual conferences, we’re ready to be back on the ground and in person with our sponsors and attendees. With all that’s been so greatly missed, comes even more opportunity for what’s to come. This year, we’ve compiled the two main ideas we want you to show up with, so that you head into 2021 the way we know you’re capable of: swinging. 

First Thing’s First: Mindset

It is no secret that numbers may potentially be down due to what’s occurred within the last year and a half. For many, their businesses and their confidence have taken somewhat of a hit due to the unpredictability of the pandemic and dramatic shifts in the market. These experiences often result in the desire to quickly close as many deals as possible. While this is, of course, a reasonable desire, we encourage you to step into the NACLB with the mindset that you’re looking to positively impact as many as possible, by expanding your network. This impact driven mindset allows you to freely and confidently offer advice and counsel, which in turn builds trust and credibility, which overtime snowballs into referrals, deals closed, and more referrals. 

The shift from the “sellers mindset” to the “helpers mindset” changes your entire demeanor and experience, knowing that you’ll be walking away from your time at Caesars with more knowledge and more referral sources, which over time will increase exponentially, ultimately resulting in a larger portfolio. 

The Basics

Believe it or not, we have this conversation often with attendees, and we’re happy to have it again. We want you to get the absolute most out of this event, and to do so, we’re going to need some preparation from your end. Before you attend the conference, please make sure that you’re equipped with the basic, necessary tools that are required to reach maximum networking potential: 

  • Your cell phone and your charger.
  • A fine-tuned elevator pitch. 
  • A plentiful amount of business cards.
  • A strong understanding of what problems you’re trying to solve. In other words, what are you trying to sell? And how is that product going to have a positive impact on the consumer?
  • Download the NACLB app and familiarize yourself with it. It will give you the ability to communicate with folks you’ve met, set up times to meet with them, and gain their contact info if you weren’t able to when you first met. 

It is imperative that this year’s NACLB is utilized to its full potential; as we’ve learned, we never know when things will change, and who we’re going to need, which is why we’re equipping you with the all the ammo you’ll need to hit the ground running the second you step off the plane.