Over Communicate

Whether its a phone call, an email, or a zoom meeting, over communicating to your team will keep expectations and deadlines clear. In addition to the inevitable disruption in workflow as employees move from a work from home setting back to the office (or another arrangement), there is an array of emotion and uncertainty that can come as a distraction and thorough communication is the best way to combat issues and items falling through the cracks. 

Keep The Team Updated

Consider putting together a monthly blog or newsletter continuing to convey the vision of the company and how that vision is remaining at the forefront of everything the organization is doing as you move through these uncharted territories.

Have One-On-Ones As Much As Possible

Employees want to be seen, heard, understood, and appreciated. Taking the time to connect, see how they are doing, and addressing any issues they may be experiencing during the transition will keep everyone working well together and to the best of their abilities.