When preparing for this year’s NACLB, the basic stuff is a given: professional clothing, something to relax in, toiletries, and, if you’re smart, a bathing suit. But, we wanted to make sure we reminded you of the “extra stuff” that you might not always think about, but wish you had.

Portable Phone Charger

Networking with the conference app, connecting on LinkedIn, emailing and working, and much more will drain your phone’s battery faster than you’d imagine. Packing a portable phone charger will ensure that you stay in the loop around the clock, and are especially able to see the push notifications alerting you of big conference events through the NACLB app. Good news, though, we will have a portable charging station onsite sponsored by Visio Lending!

Hand Sanitizer

Travel and conferences come with staying in hotels, using public facilities, and shaking lots of hands. In an effort to stay healthy and germ-free, either pack your favorite hand sanitizer, or grab some at a local convenience store once you land.

Notebook and Pen

Regardless of how often you use your google calendar or your iPhone notes, having a notebook and pen available for physical, handwritten notes can be important in a pinch when said devices may not be available for whatever reason.

Extra Business Cards

You’d be surprised how many business cards you go through when meeting and networking with new people. Bringing extra business cards and being able to hand them to everyone you meet makes you both prepared, and professional.