Believe it or not, the 2019 NACLB is approaching us slowly, which also means our first marketing seminar is also approaching!

We had the opportunity to gain some insight from Chris Hurn, owner of Fountainhead, this year’s marketing seminar sponsor.

What makes you continue to sponsor the NACLB?  

We continue to see value from the attendees and appreciate working with them as their first-choice commercial lender on owner-occupied commercial real estate (with 504 and conventional loans) and growth capital (with our SBA 7(a) loans).

Why did you choose to sponsor the marketing seminar for the 2019 NACLB?  

Marketing is one of the least understood, yet vitally important, parts of launching and running a successful intermediary firm.  Analytical minds don’t necessarily know how to do this critical piece of the business well, so we intend to help this vital part of our referral base as we’ve been doing this pretty well for decades.  If not us, then who else?

What do you think the major benefits would be for a broker or lender who chooses to attend the marketing seminar?  

They’ll come away with bleeding-edge strategies, tactics, and how to best attack this critical matter.

What are you looking forward to the most at the 2019 NACLB?

Seeing lots of my students again and meeting new prospective referral partners.

What words of advice would you give attendees to follow while at the conference?  

Pick a few new areas to delve deep into, then use the rest of the conference to network extensively.  Don’t try to learn everything – don’t want to be a jack-of-all-trades, master-of-none.

The Fountainhead team has extensive experience structuring, approving, processing and closing loans, and understands the process from start to finish. As a privately owned and operated nonbank commercial lender, they share an entrepreneurial spirit with our Clients and Referral Sources.

Fountainhead understands the needs of small and midsized businesses and their owners. For more information, visit