2020 has been the year where most, if not all conferences have been cancelled. Upon finding that all other conferences in our specific industry had been cancelled, it became our mission more than ever to serve our community and show up at a time when our people need it most. To provide the education and reconnection that you deserve, while gaining expertise from lenders and successful brokers who’ve pivoted and persevered through difficult economic times. 

While we are proud to host our attendees and are excited to do so, we are equally as committed to keeping you as well as our staff healthy, which is why we’ve compiled a list of top safety tips when it comes to travel. 

Avoid Public Transportation When You Can

Avoiding public transportation is almost impossible when traveling, especially when air travel is involved. With that said, minimizing the amount of potential exposure you’ll have with other people can be done through taking your own car to the airport, renting a car upon arrival as opposed to using Uber, and more. 

Keep Your Face Covering & Sanitizer With You At All Times

In most areas of the country, it is required that you wear a face covering in public as it greatly reduces the transmission of COVID-19. Even when you might not plan for it, there may be instances where you will not be able to be socially distant. In these times, it is imperative that you have your mask or face covering with you to keep yourself and those around you safe. 

In addition to your face covering, keeping sanitizer with you provides a quick and easy way to disinfect quickly  in the event that you are unable to reach a place where you are able to thoroughly wash your hands, also reducing the spread of germs. 

Limit Touches In Transit

Traveling through an airport is a situation where you will inevitably be in contact with many other individuals. With that said, checking into your flight online, downloading a mobile boarding pass, and using only a carry-on suitcase are a fews ways to limit exposure to others. 

Pack Your Own Food And A Reusable Water Bottle

While most airlines have limited or entirely stopped food and beverage services on flights, it can be tempting to grab something to eat in the airport. While it seems like a safe option (and might be), packing your own snacks in your carry on bag eliminates the possibility of coming in contact with another person all together. Similarly, pack a reusable water bottle and fill up at the refill stations in the airport. An added perk? You’ll save money. 

Of course, if you or someone you’ve been in contact with has been ill or has knowingly been exposed to someone who has been ill, please stay home. Otherwise, grab your masks, your hand sanitizer, and join us for three days of enormous growth opportunities, where we’ll regroup, refocus, and reconnect as we head into the final months of 2020.