Whether you’re a seasoned traveler, or you only travel once in awhile, the process can feel exhausting and sometimes even a little bit stressful. We know many of our attendees will be joining us from every corner of the country, so we wanted to compile a list of our favorite travel tips to make the journey go a little bit smoother.

Pack Light

If at all possible, it is always easier to not have to check your luggage. Relying only on your carry-on will lessen the amount of baggage that you have to haul for airports, and will shorten your travel time altogether since you won’t have to wait to retrieve it after your flight. Additionally, it will eliminate any anxieties you may have had regarding lost luggage.

Have A Plan

Having a plan of attack when going into any trip makes travel easier, especially in business. First, identify your priorities, where they are located, and when you need to be there. Second, determine the things you’d like to do, and find out how you can fit them into your trip around your priorities. Make sure to leave some “wiggle room” for any travel, changes in start times, or extended visits to the pool.

Stay Hydrated

You’d be surprised, but remaining hydrated when flying, being busy, and eating on the go will help you to sleep well and maintain higher energy levels. Travelers admit they are surprised when they find how dehydrating traveling is between being in the air, consuming fast food, and the general fast pace of a business trip. Additionally, you will find that you are able to think more clearly and will feel better overall.

Get Some Rest

Flying, security checks, and tight schedules raise stress levels, and your body needs to recuperate. This is especially true if you are traveling across different time zones, and your mind needs to adjust to prevent exhaustion. When traveling for business, you need to be in top form, and running on a sleep deficit will not have you making the best impression on the people you meet. Look at your schedule and pencil in time to take a nap after you’ve arrived at your destination, or to call it an early night, so you can be a rockstar when things kick off.