This year, we’ve added an extra day and an extra feature to the National Alliance of Commercial Loan Brokers: The Marketing Seminar. While many may know the answer to this question, we know that some may not: Why would you add something about marketing to an event like this one?

Here’s why.

Every business, and every businessperson, need marketing.

Whether you need a website, paid advertising in an effort to gain leads, or if you’re just looking to brand yourself as a professional, it is imperative that everyone knows the basics of marketing in business.

At this year’s seminar you will learn about all the different elements that make up a well-rounded marketing ecosystem and how you can implement them as a business professional. The NACLB was created to help propel you forward through networking and education. We felt that we could not fully do that without providing some insight to you regarding one of the most important aspects of business.

It is sometimes a misconception that even if you do not own a business, or a business with a physical location or with physical products, that you do not need marketing. This is simply not true. It is imperative that you are easily found and are a credible, accessible resource on the internet in an effort to generate leads or develop referral partners.

Our team of experts will educate, offer advice, and provide insights in regards to search engine optimization, paid search, social media, content marketing, and more,  all while giving you the opportunity to ask questions and learn different skills in the realm of digital marketing.

After all, every business and every businessperson need marketing.