Are you in your first year of business as a Commercial Loan Broker? We get it — it can be tough to gain traction, expand your network, and get your first couple deals across the finish line. Here at the NACLB, we aim to serve the growing industry of commercial loan and mortgage brokers. Our team of experts are dedicated to serving the commercial loan and mortgage broker community and the banks and lenders who rely on brokers for deal flow. If you’re new in this industry, attending the 2022 NACLB Conference and Expo can be your next big break — and here’s why.

An Opportunity To Network With Industry Movers and Shakers

Here at the National Alliance of Commercial Loan Brokers, we strive to ensure brokers — both rookies and veterans, get the opportunity to network and learn from some of the best in the industry. With over 30 breakout sessions and panels at this year’s conference, we’re doing just that. Here are just a few of our breakout sessions we’ve curated with new brokers in mind for this year’s conference:

How To Survive Your First Year As A New Broker

In this 2022 breakout session, we’ll dive deeper into how to properly network with potential customers, fellow brokers and lenders. We’ll also discuss how to get your deals across the finish line and keep clients coming back for more. Join five industry leaders in this breakout session held on November 2nd, 2022 at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Finding Your Niche

Starting out can be tough, and finding your niche can be even tougher. Get ready to discuss how to grow deeper in your practice and define your niche and it’s profitability. This breakout session is also to be held on November 2nd, 2022 at the NACLB 2022.

The Art Of Closing A Deal

One of the most difficult parts of being a new broker can be closing deals. Join Chip Cummings of Northwind Financial as he discusses the art of closing a deal. Grow your craft and become more confident in closing deals in this 45-minute breakout session offered on November 2nd, 2022 at the NACLB 2022.

The Top Broker-Focused Lenders — All Under One Roof

On top of over 30 breakout sessions at this year’s conference, new brokers have the opportunity to network with over 100+ broker-focused lenders. This year, our exhibit hall will host over 100 sponsors and service providers ready to connect and fund your deals. Still not sold? Here are some statistics from last year.

  • 89% of all brokers that attended in 2021 came with already to preview with our sponsors
  • $53 Million in term sheets were issued at the conference by lenders that attended last year
  • 91% of all sponsors said they walked away with actual deals to fund during the 3 day
  • 91% of all sponsors said they gained quality, valuable broker relationships during our 2021 conference.

Being a newcomer to the industry can be difficult, but not after attending the NACLB! Join us on November 1-3, 2022 for endless educational and networking opportunities that are bound to help you succeed in your first year of business. What are you waiting for? It’s time to grow! Visit to register before Early Bird Registration ends! On behalf of the entire NACLB team, we can’t wait to meet you on November 1-3, 2022 at the NACLB!